Thursday, March 29, 2012


thought we should start with the reasons I am a mom. Sierra my 16 year old(who is gonna love that i posted this picture, after all what teenage girl doesnt want such a flattering photo of themselves posted on the internet for the whole world to see!?!?) on the left is Brady the 5 year old and Hugh, the 3 year old. This photo was taken at one of our favorite breakfast spots, Panera....= coffee(or as i call it, the elixir of life) for mom, cinnamon crunch bagel for the kiddos....we took them out before Brian and i escaped for the first night ALONE, OVERNIGHT, BY OURSELVES in 10, yes i said 10 years!!!!! as you can see they were gonna miss us very much! We went to the most lovely Inn, Tara, a country inn in PA. although I am not quite sure we knew how to act in all that peace and quiet....there was a lot of sleeping, doing nothing and soaking in the hot tub in our room....i missed the kids like crazy, the time away was great, but being home was better! remind me of this sometime during future rantings about how they are driving me crazy.... <heart> all three of my babies
yay! my first official blog post. My hope is to have an exchange of ideas for living the family life creatively, sharing the highs and lows of the multiple hats we moms wear. In my case, trying to live out my dream of being an artist PROFESSIONALLY.....whatever that means... so welcome friends! looking forward to what i hope will be a modern day quilting bee.