Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hugh En Plein Air

Just had to share my sweet little boy as he intently painted the other day. There is something that sparks the imagination and creativity about creating art outside.....getting in touch with the earth on the most basic level... and no one is more perceptive of this than children. It was such a joy to see Hugh deep in thought and creating....<3 Just another reason to love summer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

lookee here what I made!!!! a birdfeeder!!!

I have been seeing these made all over the place and I have been wondering just how to attach the dishes together.Then a friend told me E-6000!!!! you simply glue the dishes together! E-6000 is pretty much a forever adhesive! I just took some leftover dishes from the Junque girls sale and assembled this beauty while the kids were swimming! I let it set for 24 hours before putting it out with the seed, and the top little birdie bowl is filled with water! the birds must be loving it because I put it out the day before yesterday and I had to fill it already! next up, I will find an organic hummingbird food recipe to fill my new hummingbird feeder that I purchased at wal-mart!
P.S. these would also make great serving trays for an afternoon tea!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Mud Puddle Day
"Let's go for a walk," I said to the boy
He replied with a scowl;turned back to his toys
"and what if I promised fun on the way?"
"what if I told you it's mud puddle day?"
-Liza Rosenberg

and mud puddle day it was!!!!
When my boys saw the torrential downpour on Fathers day,
They couldnt help but run around in it!
Accross the street they discovered the deepest, muddiest, most amazing mud puddle ever!
even though the a part of me wanted to scream,
"no! too messy" the mama in me prevailed and i sat and enjoyed the pure joy they found in their discovery!
right now the house is quiet, little boys are sleeping, and the big girl is at vbs....
(I miss that girl and cant wait to hug her)
I feel oddly lonely and empty at this silence...which usually beckons me to read or write,,,,
or fold another load of laundry...but this time something is different....
and I realize time is passing entirely too fast...I feel something slipping away... then I remember that when 7 am rolls around my busy world will be reawakened and sigh with relief.....
life is good, better than good 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a few highlights from New England....

the boys at Old Sturbridge Village

learning to dance @ OSB

blackmail pics of the boys at OSB


building sandcastles at Bow Lake, NH

Ben and Jerrrys, my Graceland...

Sierra practing up on her photography in Portsmouth, NH

tug boats @ Portsmouth

Sadie at Bow Lake

Our hosts, John and Sarah

Live Free or Die!
thats what the New Hampshire license plates say anyway....
wow! I have some catching up to do, here are just a few highlights from our visit to New England!
The Kids loved Old Sturbridge Village, Mass. We were there during wool days so the kids got to see sheep being sheared..... which they thought had to be kinda mean to the sheep and had to be reassured that the sheep didnt mind at all! Lots of swimming and hiking and catching up with our dear friends John, Sarah and their lovely 2 year old daughter, Sadie. John is my husbands best friend from all the way back in their days together in the army as cav. scouts! I guess they never figured that someday they would be talking diapers and mortgage payments, but here we are!!!! Great trip but sadly we probably wont see eachother for another year or two....

Friday, June 15, 2012

final sneak peek for junque girls sale!!!!

Empty frames are HOT in the decorating scene! paint them or hang as is, or even use them for their traditional use, framing pictures or artwork!

mint plants from my garden planted in teacups! Mint is amazing in hot as well as cold drinks, great in a cool summer mojito! transplant to your garden and reuse the teacups or take inside for a pretty home accent with a delicious minty aroma! I will also be offering fresh herbal bouquets which can be used as an actual bouquet in your home or used as ingredients to your latest recipe!

first come, first served!
get here before the goodies are gone!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

junque girls barn sale sneak peek!



Hello everyone! I have been so busy getting ready for the sale, I havent had time to blog! Here is one item that I will be offering at the sale! It is such a nice crisp white, I find myself longing to find a place in my own house for it!!! But.... I keep reminding myself that I want to have lots of great items up for grabs at the sale!!!!! sometimes I get attached to my finds that are supposed to be things to transform and sell! It is something almost spiritual about transforming something drab and unwanted into something beautiful and useful.... So, friends, its first come, first served, and there will be lots of goodies offered :) Including a great lemonade stand by Sierra, Brady and Hugh! Dont forget that the sale starts at 10 am this Saturday....(see previous post)I will also post several more sneak peeks tomorrow, so be sure to check back. Happy beautiful Thursday, this weather has been sooooo distracting to being productive....

Thursday, June 7, 2012



4 girls and alot of junk!
vintage goods
fabulous flea market finds
handmade items
gorgeous quilts by Renee


Saturday, June 16th
from 10 to 4
9580 Louisville St.(@the corner of Swallen and 153)

hope to see you there!!!!

previews of items that will be for sale to come!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Susan and her absolutely fab home

Hey there friends! I have been on vacation in New Hampshire and just got back Sunday night! Pictures of beautiful New England to follow in a future post! but in the meantime....wanted to share pics of Susans'(co-owner of Home Sweet Home) gorgeous home!  Her home was recently featured in Colonial Heights tour of homes. I have always admired Susans' sense of style. She is both a decorating and fashion diva! Dont forget you can admire and purchase her to-die-for style and finds at her shop Home Sweet Home(see previous post) If you arent local, check out her etsy shop: Must Love Junk, and her blog(see previous post) Love this awesome woman of God as well as her fabulous mama Sharon! hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!