Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Mud Puddle Day
"Let's go for a walk," I said to the boy
He replied with a scowl;turned back to his toys
"and what if I promised fun on the way?"
"what if I told you it's mud puddle day?"
-Liza Rosenberg

and mud puddle day it was!!!!
When my boys saw the torrential downpour on Fathers day,
They couldnt help but run around in it!
Accross the street they discovered the deepest, muddiest, most amazing mud puddle ever!
even though the a part of me wanted to scream,
"no! too messy" the mama in me prevailed and i sat and enjoyed the pure joy they found in their discovery!
right now the house is quiet, little boys are sleeping, and the big girl is at vbs....
(I miss that girl and cant wait to hug her)
I feel oddly lonely and empty at this silence...which usually beckons me to read or write,,,,
or fold another load of laundry...but this time something is different....
and I realize time is passing entirely too fast...I feel something slipping away... then I remember that when 7 am rolls around my busy world will be reawakened and sigh with relief.....
life is good, better than good 

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