Wednesday, June 27, 2012

lookee here what I made!!!! a birdfeeder!!!

I have been seeing these made all over the place and I have been wondering just how to attach the dishes together.Then a friend told me E-6000!!!! you simply glue the dishes together! E-6000 is pretty much a forever adhesive! I just took some leftover dishes from the Junque girls sale and assembled this beauty while the kids were swimming! I let it set for 24 hours before putting it out with the seed, and the top little birdie bowl is filled with water! the birds must be loving it because I put it out the day before yesterday and I had to fill it already! next up, I will find an organic hummingbird food recipe to fill my new hummingbird feeder that I purchased at wal-mart!
P.S. these would also make great serving trays for an afternoon tea!!!!

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